OrganTool is a very simple program for translating midi messages generated by one or more midi keyboards to one or more other midi channels. This means that you can play on a keyboard that generates e.g. channel #1 messages and then play up to 30 layered selected presets at the same time.

My electronic organ, for example, has three manuals and a pedal and generates messages on midi channels #1, #2, #3, and #4 respectively. In OrganTool you can configure two lists of 15 presets to respond to any of these four channels. One channel number can be selected multiple times thereby enabling layering of presets.

In the 32-bit version, the preset list will be automatically updated if you change the bank number of a preset. The list of presets will be read from the soundfont currently loaded in memory. This, of course, works only for soundblaster cards.

The left preset list corresponds to a first midi output device and the right preset list corresponds to a second midi output device. This is useful for soundcards like the soundblaster audigy, which can load two different soundfonts. The midi input is common for both.

The 16-bit program should work with any Windows version. The 32-bit version should work for Win95 or higher. OrganTool is freeware. Please mail any questions to:

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