Organizer is a program for creating organs with soundblaster cards. You can drag stops from the list of presets loaded in the soundfont memory and drop them onto one of the four divisions. Once a stop is in the division it can be played by checking it's checkbox.

Organizer has four divisions (e.g. three manuals and a pedal) which can each respond to a different midi channel. You can insert as many stops in the division as you want. However, only 15 stops can be played at the same time because of midi limitations.

If you want a better looking console, just export the organ to Jorgan! By clicking the export button, a disposition file will be saved that can be directly read by Jorgan. More information on Jorgan can be found here.

Organizer should work with any Windows version of 95 or higher with an installed soundblaster card and soundfont manager. Organizer is freeware. Please mail any questions to:

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