KSeditor - 16bit version 1.1

KSeditor is a patch editor/librarian program for the Ensoniq SQ series of synths. This includes the SQ-1, SQ-2, SQ-R, and the KS-32. It does NOT include the SQ-80 or the ESQ-1 because these are completely different synthesizers.

You can edit a sound or a preset, and create user defined banks of sounds. Included are also some additional features, like a mouse playable keyboard and a frontpanel for remote control of your synth.

Click here for a screenshot of the program.

This is a Windows 3.1 program, it should also work with higher Windows versions, but the sysex functions might be unstable. This program used to be a shareware, but since the SQ series are now obsolete and Ensoniq doesn't exist anymore, I decided to make it freeware. Please mail any questions to:

KSEditor - 32bit version 2.3

The 32-bit version of KSEdit is now available. Click here see a screenshot of the new version.

This version should give less problems with midi communication. In addition, several new features have been introduced, especially the editing of the sequence list as well as drag and drop-support.

KSEditor Version 2.3 should work for any windows version of Win95 and higher and is freeware.

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