KSeditor Version 0.1: Released July 1994. This very basic inital version of kseditor can be found over the whole world since I uploaded it to several public domain servers. It provided sysex functions for sending and receiving banks and sequences, as well as an editor only for sounds (no drumsounds).

KSeditor Version 1.1: Released 1995. This major upgrade of the previous version of the program included many new features like drum sound editing, preset editing, a second bank window, a frontpanel for remote control of the synth, a mouse playable keyboard, and a viewer for sequence data. This sequence data could also be exported as a midi file.

KSeditor Beta Version 2.0: April 2004. Developed for 32-bit environment i.e. Win95 or higher. New features: Parallel sound and preset editing; All sequence dump bank editing; Drag and drop support; Rearrangement of sounds or sequences within the list; Copying of sound or sequence lists to the windows clipboard; Responds to sysex messages sent by the synth, without any special preparation.

KSeditor Version 2.3: May 2004. Reintroduces the "save to midi" feature, also known from the 16-bit version. Right list can be toggled between a sequence list and a sound list, left list is always a sound list. Sequences and sounds can now be stored in both trees. The left tree now has a full voice edit mode, when clicking on the voice item of a certain sound. Short-cut keys have been introduced. Several bug fixes: fixed header problem during sending of songs to synth, fixed problem with stop button in virtual SQ etc.