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Date: Fri Sep 29 01:29:09 2006

text = Someone wants to sell me a KS-32 for $300.00 Is this a deal?

Date: Mon Aug 28 18:51:40 2006

text = Hey everyone, Love the KSEdit and my KS-32 but I'm having some trouble creating a sound. I'm looking for some help. I'm trying to create the "growl" sound in Rush's Tom Sawyer. Does anyone have this patch or one very similar to get me started. If you do, please email me. Thanks, Bart

From: dtech
Date: Sat Jul 22 17:54:40 2006

text = Thanks for the wonderful editing tool for the great old ensoniq vintagsizers. Keep up the good job and thank You a lot. Edd dtech

Date: Sun Jul 9 04:51:44 2006

text = My Ensoniq SQ2 is saying that the battery is low. I just don't know what to di with it. After turning it on it can only give sound for about 4 minutes then it is completely dead. Can someone help me please?

Date: Tue Jul 4 07:34:21 2006

text = I need to change the battery in my KS-32 and I don't have a MEMORY CARD to save the sounds and presets, I can change the battery safely without losing any progranms sounds and presets. Can anyone help me. I am a trust worhty person and would love to borrow someone, if at all possible. Or, purchase if anyone has a card for sale. Also any estra sounds would be cool. Thanx, Craig LeMay ....please contact me asap.

From: Kyle Tremblay in Manchester,CT
Date: Fri Mar 31 05:11:56 2006

text = This is a great program! I own an SQ1+. The main reason I brought it was because I saw Skinny Puppy using ensoniq synths. Ensoniq was definitely ahead of their time for synth/sequencers. And if anyone can read German, I have a copy of the german manual.

From: AWD
Date: Sun Nov 13 16:07:49 2005

text = Thanks, have a SQ1+

From: Ron K in Louisburg Kansas
Date: Thu Oct 13 17:52:30 2005

text = THANKS, THANKS, THANKS. We keep our old Ensoniqs for a reason - superior sound. Thanks for helping us make the most out of these old legends.

From: Andrew
Date: Mon Sep 19 02:27:00 2005

text = Thanks for writing the KSEditor. Before I can use it, I need to fix my KS-32. It squeels as soon as it is turned on. Anyone else ever had this problem or have any clues what part of the circuit needs to be addressed? Thanks, Andrew

From: Bruce
Date: Thu Jul 21 05:08:12 2005

text = Having a great time listening to some of my old SQ-1 sequences on my PC. However, there are two immediate questions I have. 1. All the sequences that are converted to midi seem to be transposed down an octave. Is there any setting I can adjust to fix this? 2. I think I remember hearing how Ensoniq had their own format for drum sequencing, i.e., where each individual sound is mapped over the keyboard, vs. the conventional midi drum note mapping. Does this account for how funny the drum sequences are coming over? Anyone else experience this? Otherwise, KSedit is great!

From: Nashmeister
Date: Fri Jun 24 14:28:30 2005

text = Have downloaded KSEdit and look forward to using the software to program my good old friend - thank you! For all queries regarding the SQ1 (and most other synths) please check this link out (it's where I got the link to this site!)

From: Ensoniq SQ-1 sound libraries/patches?
Date: Sat May 14 03:05:39 2005

text = Hi, I'm urgently looking for some patches for my old Ensoniq SQ-1 synth (61-note). Do you know of anywhere/anyone who might be able to help me out with this? I've listed the sounds I need below so any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mr. Chris King REQUIRED SOUNDS Rhodes Organ Simple Organ Church Organ Electric Piano Woody Electric Piano Mellow Accordion Celesta Harpsichord Music Box Vibes Marimba Muted Guitar JC Strat Mandolin Harp (orchestral harp, NOT harmonica) Harp/Bells Balafoni Ethnic Pluck Dulcimer Log Drums Pitched African Drums Strings Tremelo Strings Breathy string pad Fantasy Vox Vox and Beast (thunder-ish SFX) - VERY IMPORTANT! I MUST HAVE A THUNDER-ISH SOUND EFFECT Pop Pad Pretty Pad PopSynth Pad Synth Pad Res. Pad Harmonium Fantasia Fantasia JV D-50 Stack Shimmery Bells Bell Synth Spikey Synth Plucky Synth Analog Synth Analog Seq. (synth) Brite Synth Pulse Keys JP-8 Strings 1 Bass in Face

From: bob at
Date: Thu May 5 20:40:50 2005

text = my son gave his mother a keyboard , ensonisq SQ1, 32 voice, but did not have the operation manual. Can anyone suggesst where I might find one?

From: Chris
Date: Sat Feb 19 02:41:36 2005

text = Hello Erwin-just downloaded the program, can't wait to give it a run thru. Really love my SQ1+. Thanks for keeping the flame alive!

From: Erwin
Date: Sun Jan 23 01:18:46 2005

text = @Marc Open the case: the battery is a CR2032 which is soldered to the PCB. I replaced it by a battery holder and put in a normal 2032 battery that is for sale in any electronics shop. Erwin

From: Marc
Date: Thu Jan 6 15:54:17 2005

text = I have a KS-32 - "Warning! Battery Low - replace immediately" is being displayed when I turn it on. When I consult the owner's manual, it doesn't say ANYTHING about where the battery is, or how to replace it (or where to get one, for that matter) - it only says "contact the manufacturer", and I haven't been able to find anybody who can or will help me with this problem. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Date: Tue Sep 21 00:50:54 2004

text = I am having trouble getting the sq1 plus midi to sync up to an i-book running os 10 and digital performer. It will play midi files but wont sent signal to midi in. I think i am doing something wrong. Is there anyone out there that can get me straitened out. Write me please. My email address is in from (above.)Robert

From: Hermann
Date: Sat Jul 31 18:44:34 2004

text = Congratulations for the upgrade! Does anybody here still own and run a ks-32? I've been looking through the net for years and couldn't find anyone to keep in touch... if you know, please let me know Hermann, from Buenos Aires, Argentina

From: severin
Date: Sun Jul 11 23:04:09 2004

text = Thanks! Became back my ensonique, will try this editor!!!

From: Kjell
Date: Wed Jun 23 13:31:21 2004

text = Thank you very much, keep up the godd work.

From: AGD
Date: Mon Jun 7 12:30:29 2004

text = Thanx a lot from Ensoniq users for the great job done.

From: Joe Carelli
Date: Sun May 9 08:37:05 2004

text = Hi Erwin. Keep up the good work. Ensoniq users love our keyboards and appreciate the work you are doing.