OrganTool is a very simple program for translating midi messages generated by one or more midi keyboards to one or more other midi channels. This means that you can play on a keyboard that generates e.g. channel #1 messages and then play up to 30 layered selected presets at the same time.

Organizer is another program for creating 4-division organs using drag and drop from a preset list. These organs can be exported to Jorgan.

NEW: Selection of all midi in devices at the same time

NEW in Organizer: saving state of the stops with memory buttons. When loading saved organs with the previous version of the program, these states cannot be read from memory, which will result in a random selection of stops. Just uncheck them and store the organ again.

NEW in Organizer: resizing of division lists when resizing program window

Both OrganTool and Organizer are freeware. Please mail any questions to:

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