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From: (
Date: Sat Jul 16 10:33:57 2005

text = (Eng): Hi, I'm 18 and i going to HighSchool. It's a very good page, I like organ. I'm a Organist in the Church i Nowe Skalmierzyce in Poland. The likest stop is Bombard 16' and ContraPousone 32'. I'm a popular Composer of Symphonies and Organ and Piano Music. Sory, for my english, but i learning this. (PL): Dla wszystkich którzy umieją Polski: odwiedzcie moją strone.!!!

From: v.sunny heracleas
Date: Tue Feb 8 19:14:58 2005

text = Organ tool program is very useful and I’m always using this program in the church and there is one problem with organ tool during my live performance as it is very difficult to adjust the presets volume settings with the existing digital volume control which is very difficult to adjust presets volume in realtime and this is the only disadvantage of this program. Now we require slider type volume controls rather than numeric type and and a small volume sliders can be very useful in place of existing digital number box, so that we can adjust volume of each preset more easily in our live performance and if this feature is provided then the organ tool program will be used by every one. Sunny.

Date: Thu Dec 2 22:36:17 2004

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From: JSM
Date: Thu Aug 12 03:45:49 2004

text = So much goin on Jeux fonts, J-organ, Hauptwerk and so on. Midi makes enjoying organ music for those that cannot afford these massive expensive instruments and a cathederal to put them in. Thank you for your contributions to those that have similar interests! JSM

From: George Attison
Date: Tue Jun 8 17:29:05 2004

text = Great site and, the content fuels the imagination to the possibilities for a true MIDI Organ. Much excitement will be generated by the utilities you've so kindly made free to the organ loving public. Best Wishes and, keep up the good work! George